Humanizing English Language Teaching – TATE 6th International Conference & Exhibition

TATE 6th International Conference & Exhibition- 11th, 12th and 13th May 2018

The conference  organizing committee is honoured to invite you to actively participate in TATE 6th  International conference & Exhibition which aims at  foregrounding the urgent need to humanize education, namely to look for ways that would support the learners to be cognitively, emotionally, and psychologically prepared to acquire English language.  The conference also seeks to redress the discrepancy between the educational philosophy stated in official documents and classroom practices. In short, humanizing education is meant to empower teachers, learners, and stakeholders to become agents of change, to create and re-create society and to increase freedom. A humanizing education heals, repairs and transforms.

TATE 6th International Conference and Exhibition invites participants from diverse disciplines to take part in a constructive dialogue about the pedagogical possibilities to promote interpersonal and intercultural competences, and to apply the fundamental tenets of humanistic education such as personal growth, the development of human values, and the active engagement of learners affectively and intellectually.  The conference will also be a chance for ELT professionals to explore new approaches and discuss major challenges in teaching English in Tunisia and beyond.


TATE 6 th International Conference and Exhibition Call for Papers 2018 final draft (C)