E_LIVE Teacher Network!

E-LIVE   “Engaging Languages in Intercultural Virtual Exchange”.
The E-LIVE project brings together experts in the field of foreign language education, intercultural virtual exchange, teacher education, school education and technology-enhanced pedagogy from France, the Netherlands and Spain.
The E-LIVE project is being funded by the European Erasmus+ Program from January 2022 until December 2024 [https://eliveproject.eu].

E-LIVE addresses key educational needs in a highly dynamic, digitalised, pluricultural and globalised society. E-LIVE aims to contribute to enhancing digital pedagogical competencies of language teacher trainers, trainees and school teachers, in order to innovate, enrich and make more effective and meaningful lingua-culture teaching by opening up the walls of the classroom, internationalise learning processes and facilitate intercultural cooperation and communication between international peers.

Special attention is given to
• authentic communication practice in the foreign language,
• intercultural experience, awareness raising and competence development,
• collaborative knowledge discovery,
• learning diversity and inclusive pedagogical practices.

To join the project, you can complete an online application form.

Once they have received your information, they will get in touch with you and will inform you about further steps: training, coaching during virtual exchanges, etc.