Elections of officers for positions on the FIPLV Executive Committee will be conducted at the FIPLV World Assembly, which will be held online in June 2024 (date to be announced). Only member associations who have paid their membership dues for 2023 will be eligible to nominate and to vote.


The elections of Executive Committee members will be conducted in accordance with the provisions in the Statutes. It should be noted that all current members of the Executive Committee have decided to stand for re-election to their current positions: Terry Lamb intends to be renominated as President, Sigurborg Jónsdóttir as Vice-President, Judith Richters as Treasurer General, Geraldo de Carvalho as Secretary-General and Sylvia Velikova as Publications Officer.


Member associations, who have paid their membership dues for 2023, are kindly requested to nominate candidates for election to the new Executive Committee according to paragraph 4 of the Election Procedure, an annex of the FIPLV Statutes:


  1. Any individual member of a member association may be nominated for election provided the nomination is:
    • formally proposed by that member association or by another;
    • supported by the candidate’s own association in the latter instance;
    • accompanied by a signed declaration of readiness to assume the duties of office if elected and a summary of the candidate’s professional


Member associations must ensure that the full documentation (the nomination form, which is attached to this message, and a 200-word statement of intent from the nominee) reaches the Secretary-General, Geraldo de Carvalho, by 15th March 2024, so that the list of nominations and information about the election procedure can be sent to all member associations in April 2024. Please send your nominations by email to

Receipt of nominations will be acknowledged. Geraldo de Carvalho

Secretary-General, FIPLV



 Executive Committee:


  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary-General
  • Treasurer-General
  • Publications Officer


According to the FIPLV Statutes, last revised 2023, these roles are described as follows:


  • The President chairs the World Assembly and Executive The President represents the Federation or arranges for the Federation to be represented by other Officers.


  • The Vice-President deputises for the The Vice-President has the special

tasks of promoting the founding and development of new associations, finding associate members and publicising the work of the Federation.


  • The Secretary-General is responsible for the overall administration of the Federation and liaison with member associations and the Regions. An assistant secretary (volunteer or young academic) may be appointed.


  • The Treasurer General accounts for the income and expenditure of the Federation and reports to the Executive and to World The Treasurer notifies member associations at least one month beforehand that membership fees are due each year on 28 February.


  • The Publications Officer is responsible for the development of publications in the broadest

Call for nominations – Elections ExCo 2024